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Developer Program

Our open technology platform is now in beta release for interested developers. If you would like to learn more about this platform, we would love to hear from you. We are extremely passionate about this technology and how it can help you differentiate your products and solutions. Together, we can build a better healthcare system.

Please contact us at: developers@doc-know.com

Platform Web Services
A growing suite of standards-based web services helping developers deliver the future of healthcare.
Identity Management
A secure and easy way to manage universal identities (i.e. patients, users, etc.) within the platform, without storing Personal Health Information (PHI).
Health Records
Unlimited secure storage and time-sensitive access for both structured and unstructured health records. Coupled with our structured reporting (SR) and workflow services, a comprehensive unified reporting (UR) platform is achieved.
Structured Reporting
Access simple XML schemas from our growing collection of structured report modules, developed and maintained by our expert community. Upload XML documents (based on provided schemas) for realtime processing. Features include:
 - Generate elegant reports in seconds that understand grammar, sentence structure, and sound non-robotic
 - Multilingual support
 - Supports user customizations, without sacrificing research integrity
 - Supports photo signatures as well as digital signatures
 - Supports various copy routing options (i.e. FTP, Email, Fax, HL7, custom interfaces, etc.)
 - Supports technician, reading physician, and overreading physician workflows and communication capabilities
 - Utilization and customization feedback is transparently sent to expert community for review and refinement
 - Automatic, anonymous syncronization to our open data registry, enabling query and research possibilities
Mobile Imaging
Securely store and access DICOM files as health records. For a growing list of modalities, support also exists for post-processing these files for fast and efficient consumption on mobile devices (i.e. tablets, smart phones). Mobile viewing capabilities are also available for interested developers.
Search & Realtime Analytics
Utilize a simple, natural language syntax to explore and query our highly structured data registry that is always syncronized with our expert community. Leverage the platform's dynamic computational power to compute answers to queries in realtime or have raw data sets returned for post-processing. Note: some restrictions apply when returning raw data sets.
Time Machine
Key platform events are stored as artifacts within an Identity's timeline. Easily query and efficiently interact with these timelines. Even add your own custom artifacts.
Access patient death information from supported national death registries. Additional outcomes also available.
Access a growing library of algorithms with native platform knowledge. Call a specific algorithm with the appropriate inputs and results are computed and returned in realtime. In addition to having access to some of the most advanced algorithms in healthcare, offloading this computation power to the cloud enables your clients to remain fast and fluid.
Health Events
Utilize our natural language query syntax to define and registry a query pattern. The platform will monitor the data registry in realtime for qualifying samples and trigger your configured actions when matches are found.
Perform realtime drug searches and access detailed monograph information from industry standard, curated and comprehensive drug databases. Customization support exists for solutions with special requirements.
Create simple or complex scheduling scenarios. Enable single-site, multi-site, or complex multi-site scenarios for physicians that rotate through multiple locations on a regular basis. Support for intermediary scheduling is also available for solutions that need to integrate uncontrolled, disparate scheduling systems for a common purpose.
And More...
Our full APIs include additional benefits not listed here. Our team is constantly evolving this platform to address new and exciting challenges in healthcare. We look forward to helping you deliver the next killer solution!

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