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Dr. Know, LLC is a technology company focused on delivering healthcare intelligence to everyone, everywhere.

For professionals, we offer Unified Reporting, Provider Notes, and Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions. For developers, we offer a standards-based technology platform that you can leverage to differentiate your products. And for industry experts, we offer a novel approach to community, data standardization, and research leveraging your expertise.

Learn more about these integrated and affordable solutions below.


For Professionals
Open Technology Platform

For Developers
Community, Research,
& Standardization


For Experts

Next-Generation Products
Experience the future of healthcare today!
Unified Reporting, Provider Notes, EHR, PHR
Unlock your full potential with our Unified Reporting (UR), Provider Notes, and Electronic Health Record (EHR, PHR) products. It took us 10 years to develop the missing ingredients for today's health records systems. Now you can leverage it immediately, securely, and affordably.
Transparent Delivery
Our products are delivered via secure Enterprise Remote Desktop experiences and/or your operating system's integrated App Store or Marketplace. Updates are automatic and transparent, eliminating traditional deployment costs and headaches.
Platform Powered
Our products are 100% built on top of our open technology platform, demonstrating our full committment to our solutions - from top to bottom. When it comes to delivering the future of healthcare, we are all in.
Mobile Experiences
Our products run on the latest form factors including tablets, smart phones, as well as traditional PCs. Finally, you can experience a true mobile solution that is simple, efficient, and fun to use.
App Store
Develop your own Apps to customize your experience and keep up with the pace of healthcare. Publish your Apps in our App Store to share them with the community. You'll be amazed at the simplicity and power of our platform to help you build and deliver next generation healthcare experiences while being a Dr. Know Citizen Scientist and contributing to healthcare research.
Global Reach
Our multilingual products support a growing list of languages and experiences - targeting the top as well as the bottom of the pyramid. We invite you to help us curate and translate the data model to various languages. Affordable, efficient, and worldwide reach is essential to our global mission.
Native Performance
By combining the backend power of our cloud platform with the front-end power of our native apps, you will experience unrivaled performance - even on low-energy devices such as tablets and smart phones. Supports x86, x64, and ARM architectures.
The days of unaffordable software experiences in healthcare are fading fast. Our goal is to deliver the right experience at the right price point. We achieve this goal through better technology and unrivaled efficiencies. No up-front costs. Pay only for what you use.
Our products are HIPAA compliant and utilize industry standard techniques to ensure that your data is always secured. We also use anonymous, one-way hashing algorithms to represent identities for research, without storing Personal Health Information (PHI).
Experience the Future Today
Try our solutions today! There are no up-front costs. Simply register for a subscription and only pay for what you use. You will be up and running in minutes.
Experience the future of healthcare today!

Open Technology Platform
Building the right technology. Right now. Leverage our open platform to empower your solutions today.
By Developers, For Developers
We are passionate about helping developers create new and amazing software experiences for healthcare. Our platform was designed to help empower your creativity. Together, we can build a better healthcare system.
Standards Based
Our RESTful APIs mean you can easily plug our services into your current solutions, regardless of platform. Choose only the services you need, or build a next-generation killer solution utilizing our entire stack.
Data Registry
At the heart of our platform is the world's first multi-specialty, expert-curated, international data registry. Built using the magic of implicit data standards, this dynamic model frees healthcare from the typical software development lifecycle and unlocks new opportunities.
Cloud Economics
Our platform dynamically meets your demand with unlimited power and scale. Designed for and backed by Microsoft Windows Azure. Enabling next-generation services and feature sets. No up-front costs. Pay only for what you use.
Web Services
Our platform offers a growing suite of secure web services, tackling healthcare's toughest challenges, including: identity management, health records, structured reporting, realtime analytics, research, mobile imaging, and more.
Excellent Support
As a registered developer, you have access to online documentation, samples, forums, SDKs, and our passionate support staff who is motivated to help your project succeed.
Secure & Anonymous
Our platform is HIPAA compliant. We also leverage anonymous, one-way hashing algorithms to represent identities on our platform. No Personal Health Information (PHI) is stored. This capability, offered as a web service, is how patients securely and anonymously connect to our open platform.
Join Us
We are passionate about helping developers deliver the future of software experiences in healthcare. To learn more about our platform services, visit our Developer Portal.

Expert Community
A novel approach to data standardization, interaction, and healthcare research.
Expert Curated
A growing team of professional experts from government, industry, academics, and private practice are working together to define and maintain the dynamic data model upon which our data registry is built.
Continuous Feedback Loop
Experts define the standard data model that professionals around the world consume and customize every day. Usage patterns and customization feedback is returned to experts in realtime, who curate and update the model with a single click.
Revolutionary Tools
Experts utilize our unique tools and authoring process to define and maintain the data model. Our platform does the rest. Traditional software lifecycle restrictions are bypassed entirely, enabling changes to be deployed and consumed transparently, globally, and immediately.
Redefining Research
Our dynamic, multi-specialty data model is highly structured and supports realtime change. Natural language discovery and query capabilities enable breakthroughs in product features, search, and analytics. Research will never be the same again.
Implicit Data Standards
Our platform bypasses the problems with traditional data standardization techniques. Realtime collaboration, feedback, and updates flow through our platform seemlessly. Finally, the industry has a data model that embraces the fast pace and complexity of healthcare.
Join Us
Experts are currently extending our data model in the areas of cardiology, radiology, anesthesiology, plastic surgery, psychiatry, and primary care. If you are an expert in your specialty, we would love for you to join our team and help extend our data model even further.
Proven Track Record
Our technology has been in clinical use for over 10 years. Through our partnerships with Tennessee Heart & Vascular Institute and GE Healthcare, we have extensively tested with and received feedback from thousands of physicians worldwide. Our registry data has been the backbone of over 50 major publications (i.e. NEJM, JACC). We have been cited hundreds of times, including in 2 major textbooks. We receive continued interest from vendors, societies, experts, and professionals alike and are excited to now offer one comprehensive platform, accessible to everyone!

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